SOIC East-India-Man Replica Götheborg III

Thursday 2012-07-26 - Maritime Sightseeing

Official Signing-Off the Watches

Our part was over, a new wanna-be-crew came with a bus to take our places. So everything we had to pack and cleanup nicely, to make the newcomers feel welcome =)

We put our bags ashore in a secured area, many of us would take a bus home to Sweden next day. For the time being, that bus (which was the same that brought us to Brest, btw) would drive us to a hostel for the night. The bus would come around 16 PM and so long we would be free, including still taking lunch onboard, which we did of course - Paulo is a master cook!

Gush, I had bought so much books about ships and souveneers in Brest that I had to walk twice ashore with all it. Actually I think that nobody had more bags than me =)

Visiting the Russian frigate replica "Shtandart"

The Shtandart is "only" half of the size of the Götheborg III, but folks on the Shtandart regard the Swedish Ship as her "larger sister", which is true in many ways. Many work hours have been invested to build and maintain this Russian ship, and same as the Götheborg III, many volunteers sail with her.

The Shtandart has, like the Götheborg III, a functional rigging that is in most aspects historically correct. Just some small details in the handling, like not veering the yards when taking in sails, may look "incorrect", but it just prooves another time that there are more than one way to use a rigging.

Later I found it on the belaying plan: the Shtandart does not have any yard halyards!

I visited the Shtandart, mooring just behind the Götheborg III, on the morning when visitor folks were not yet that many.

I met with Anton, the Russian rigging master, and he would make me copies of the belaying scheme (in Russian, but I can read Kyrillic) and answer all my questions in English! I made a lot of pictures, that I present on an extra page about the Shtandart.


Everybody hugging everybody =)

Well that was just the official good-bye. Many of us were onboard until the bus for the hostel came, much later.

Visiting the Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum of Bremerhaven

After having lunch on the Götheborg III for the last time, I went to my second target of the day: Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum, the German Maritime Museum.

The model scene depicts the very moment before the collision of the German fullrigger Preussen with the British steamer Brighton in 1910, that led to the loss of the Preussen eventually.

I made a lot of pictures, especially from the five-masted fullrigger Preussen, and other excellent ship models, that I present on an extra page about the museum.

Meanwhile, Linus, Sigge and Dylan introduce the new crew into going aloft ... all except one took the challenge willingly!

We could still see them excercising when our bus took us away from the port ...

Friday 2012-07-27 - Rolling Home

Most of us using the bus were first placed into the Bremerhaven Hostel for one night. We had breakfast at 07:00, and on 08:00 AM the bus took 20 of us home to Sweden. The way was over Bremen to Hamburg and then further through Denmark ...

I still had my car in Germany so I left the bus at exit Stapelfeld of the Autobahn, the bus driver was very kind to let me out at the desired point.

One day more I stayed in Germany visiting some friends, showing them my self made videos of the sailing, then on Saturday 2012-07-28, I also went back to Sweden with my own car.

I made it real for the third time, incredible! Will there be another chance to sail with the Götheborg III? I will see ...

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