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Russia - The Frigate "Shtandart"

When I first saw the Shtandart in the port of Hamburg around 2005, I could not believe my eyes! She was coming in under full sails! I was just in the harbor by chance and no camera with me ...

... but later I saw her again many times.

These pictures shall not be a replacement for a real visit to the ship, that I recommend very much indeed! I made many photos for my ship modelling studies.

Now I present the best of them here:

Her sides are yellow on the gundeck. Above she is in natural wooden color.

The bow is a wooden small lion, the galleon decorated with small female figures.

The Stern

Gun Deck

The ship is so small that the guns are tied right onto the inner sides of the ship when they make Open Ship, otherwise they could hardly go anywhere ... on the entrance, You are facing the bitts around the main mast.

Sundeck and Mizzen Mast

Main Mast

Forecastle and the Fore Mast

In contrary to the Götheborg, the ropes are not tarred, not even the standing rigging! Shtandart makes much more compromises to the modern world ...

The Bowsprit with the Sprit Topmast

Rope Identification

They have a "rope ID system" that puzzles me for its just an excellent idea even when the line is loose! They make ties in different colors around it, and the number of them indicates lower sail (1), topsail (2) or topgallant sail (3). It is utterly easy and straight-forward, and I wonder why not many more ships share this "system". It would be very efficient and easy:

Belaying Scheme

Anton Sudakow, the rigging master of the ship, was so kind to give me copies from their belaying plans, in Russian. Here is my Russian-English compilation of it:

Anton makes some changes to it sometimes ... some lines are simple that "arbitrary". The arrangement is meant to be as logic as possible, but You always need to make compromises.

Go and visit this ship, and see it with Your own eyes :)