Japanese Characters

Romaji ロ-マジ - Latin Letters

The Western alphabet is used for abbreviations like WTO, NATO and so forth - but not for all. U.S.A. is written as "Bei Koku" in Kanji. Ironically, that means "Rice Country"! XD

The letters are pronounced as in English - oa whatto za Japaneezu maydo ofu itto: WTO → "daburu yu ti ou"

And by the way, Japanese regard Romanji as exotic ... because the are no syllables :)

No L ...

The Japanese do not know L ... and they cannot pronounce it, they "shredder" it through their syllables and "translate" L to RU.


... You mix up with Chinese :) Japanese CANNOT pronounce L, even when they are drunk:

"Tanaka-san, say ´I LOVE YOU!´" - "Ai-rabu-yu!"
"Tanaka-san, PLEASE use Your tongue, LLLLLLOVVVE!!!" - "Ra-bu... もう だめだなぁ...sorrii, mai tangu izo kaputto!"