About this site

My web design is very simple, even in 2015: only some 10 static HTML tags, CSS and frames, that´s all, no scripts, no flash, no problems - yes, I am a dinosaur :)

This site is NOT optimized for a Smartphone - because I am lazy and I even regard smartphones rather unsmart ... BTW I still don't need one.

So this is a "classic web page" for a wide screen desktop or a laptop (= notebook) or a bigger tablet. The screen resolution should be at least 1024 * 768 - not suitable for a Smartphone.

This is a private hobby information page to the public. I do not advertize or sell anything here, and I make zero money with it.
This site is 100% static, so You cannot "hack" it, nor comment it online. Questions, critics or any other comments, please send to Webmaster: j_gelbrich@gmx.net
As far as not stated otherwise, I made all texts, code examples and all pictures by my own. Pictures which are not mine comply to quotation standards.
Of course You may "grab" the entire site to You local hard disk - that´s what You do anyway, I know You too well ... feel free.
These sites are running under the Creative Commons Licence.

Jan Gelbrich
Greetings from Sweden, where I finally can live in peace!

Thanks to all people who encouraged me to re-up this "old-style" website even in 2015!