Ship Modelling


This photo is not of a real ship - this is a model!
Seaorama - well I created this word for convenience :) I mean water dioramas for ships.

This is the Heller Nina kit, that I build in 1980. Then I gave it to my great-grandmother as a present. Eventually I got it back when she died ... when You do modelling for such a long time, many personal stories come along with Your models.

Looks great? It is utterly simple!

  • take old cardboard or thin wood plate, whatever You like. It can be waste material, they are the ground for waves made of gipsum
  • make a ship form hole in the ground to fit the model in. Set the model into the hole, but cover it with plastic foil, to cover it from the coming gypsum
  • model Your own waves in gypsum; then remove the model from the ground, now comes fine modelling and painting.
  • try to add some small white floam flakes, to model spindrift on the highest waves.
  • paint the modelled surface with sea-like deep blue oil color (but not the "spindrift")
  • paint the surface once more with nyances of brighter blue, green and white (for the "spindrift").
  • Cover it all with glossy Water Effect: make a rough coat, literally touch it with Your fingers to make small wave structures when You lift the fingers

      And that is all about it :)

      It is actually so simple that I build a second one for my Heller Gorch Fock

      Well, the model is yet to be repaired ...