Ship Modelling

Mass Production!

Did I mention I am crazy for ships? :)

This is the small Airfix Victory in repair, the big Heller Victory in preparation, as well as Revell "USS Kearsarge", Heller "La Belle Poule", Heller twins "Le Superbe" and "Le Glorieux", and Airfix "Cutty Sark". I painted all their underwater hull copper all in only 2 two hours.

All experienced modellers tell me I shall never do this :) But why not? If 7 (yes: seven) ships kits share the same underwater copper coat, why should I not paint them all in one big step?

I do multiple model building when I see I have enough models sharing same colors.

A second reason is the time that glue needs to dry. So when I have to glue pieces that need a good day to dry out to be stable, so why should I not glue as much as possible, and let them dry all together?

Carpe diem - catch the day! I "waste" so much time for research, that I want to "regain" it on building. When I build, I already have all steps in my head.