Clipper Ship "Stad Amsterdam"

2015-10-14 Wednesday - Sunny Skagerrak

Again: I used to see this only in my classic photo books ... now I see this for REAL!

I slept only 1 hour: Dieter was snoring heavily, by god, and the ship rolls! Well, no way to change that ...these are the tests for Your limits of endurance =)

04:00 AM: White Watch - no camera. Me work to be done ...

The ship was square braced and sailed in 5kn wind ("going large"), easy sailing, no pitching anymore, instead some rolling - that was the consequence of this trimming.

Again with the outlook on forecastle for 2 hours. Me again: no cap, even though it's cold =)

On sunrise: some bracing and topping of fore and main yards, more accurately by watch leader Kristina. Also easing sheets from the sails as we "go large".

Ole Pedersen, ordinary sailor, showing me how to make use of remote hand signs when working with the ropes over far distances, so we would not need to shout commandos - very efficient small lessons in between, I like that!

09:00-11:30 Sleep. I had a deficit already now ... what would be my limits? Would I make it joining all watches until we arrive? ... eventually, I did.

12 AM: White Watch lunch, after that again being more or less with the Blue Watch (12-16)

12:30 buying from souvenir shop: 1 sweater, 2 shirts, and the king size photobook about the Stad Amsterdam - a MUST-HAVE for someone like me!

Excellent weather, using my GoPro to make some Walk-Around videos. Sinceour exam, we were no more aloft yet ... we are quite keen on to do so. It depends what needs to be done in the manouvres.

14:00 Chief Engineer Fleur van der Laan's presentation on machines, in the Long Room. This one reminded my directly to the "Götheborg III", both ships have their nicely hidden machinery in top conditions. She would also show us the nasty parts of the dirt filters etc., and explaining us how we would make fresh water out of sea water, actually much more than we would consume. THIS was different from the "Götheborg III", where we had tanks and limited consumptions!

15:30 Climbing Excercise for Blue Watch on Mizzen Mast - so I could make the photos =)

Another thing that You don't see everyday: repair work on the running rigging, this time: the Port Main Sheet: a new rope was sheered in by the crew

16:00 White Watch, second shift, 4 hours. Still excellent weather - that we would use!
16:30 Climbing Excercise on Bowsprit - this time I would have my GoPro on my head. And even Marina from Italy would be with us.

For the rest, a pretty lazy watch ... we got pin 3 diagram copies by watch leader Kristina, to learn the belayings of all ropes; now, THIS was the very information why I booked this voyage: in order to make THIS plan! Mission accomplished!

The diagrams again omitted the stunsails. But Kristina would explain those to us in another presentation later. And thos information I also added to the plan.

18:00 eat
19:00 taking in outer jib on sunset. Katrin talks Swedish with me =)
19:30 Captains' presentstions, preparing for Helgoland - but I would not see it passing by, as my watch was too odd for that occasion.
In the Long Room: movie "Master and Commander", my favorite one of all. Yet, I skipped it: I have it on DVD, watched it many times, and I needed sleep.

P.S.: I made 266 photos and 7 GoPro videos. They need editing before I publish them ...