SOIC East-India-Man Replica Götheborg III

2010-06-10 Thursday - Heading South

The day when I made no pictures at all! We were too busy and the weather was not good for the camera :)

00:00-04:00, "Middle Watch"

Another life boat excercise in the dark - we were not good, over 5 minutes :( We learned that we need to deliberately "loose" 20 seconds for better communication, in order to dispatch on ourselves in the different positions, to gain much more time ...

After that, theory and some practical excercise in seamans´ knots and splicing on the gun deck. The spliced lines were used as seizings for the sails later on ... so, every excercise has a meaning and a "spin-off".

12:00 - 16:00, Afternoon Watch

Still strong wind from the bow, no sailing weather, we go by both machines. Even harder winds (15m/s) since 13:00. Near the Denish island of Bornholm, we were heading South(!) to the German coast at least to set fore and main courses, sharply braced, we sat sails eventually and stopped the machines. Many got seasick ...

We took all loose equipment under deck, like the smiths tools, tired ropes and many other stuff, and stowed them on the gun deck or in the carpenters area. So even when not working with sails, there is always much to do ...