SOIC East-India-Man Replica Götheborg III

2009-06-19 Friday - Arrival in Arendal

2009, June 19th. Within one day, from storm to calm again, before the coast of Norway ... in the bay of Arendal.
When I woke up, again a completely changed situation. They made it into the bay and were anchoring, the ship did not move at all.

The destroyed fore course was on the fore castle to loose its attached running rigging from it.

We had arrived! Now we prepared for our official welcome party in the harbour, putting our historic clothes on ...

Passage to the harbour, under machines. Again, OUR SHIP was the star of the day! We shot 8 salutes.

Well, just that I was the "backis" on that occasion :)

But still it was fun

Then came the visitors - Open Ship! Obviously, they needed me as a kind of a sharp German shepard dog to keep folks away from the crew quarters :) But, there were no problems, all visitors had a great adventure.

The two ships´ wooden boats were released, and some of us made a special rowing tour ...

The evening was a brilliant summer night! We had a nice "barbeque" with our Norwegian partners, it was "midsommarnatten".