SOIC East-India-Man Replica Götheborg III

2009-06-17 Wednesday - Calm

2009, June 17th. Calm again

The Götheborg III somewhere out in the Skagerak. We did not have radio, tv, internet, not even mobile phone. We were cut off the outside world completely (except the core crew of course), and we did not worry - we were entirely occupied with the ship - there was nothing else :)

In the early watch between 04:00 and 08:00, we had theory in sails elements and belaying positions (my specialty:). Here I was allowed to use my camera ...

Suddenly we heard a small bang-klonk-klonk! It took us a while to see what happened ...

The wooden piece that connects the bowline to its so called bridles to the main topsail broke up and fell right between our little meeting on the weather deck.

Then I continued my detail studies

Clean-up the deck. Ingrid invented a completely new way of coiling up a water tube :)

Freewatch, time to make more pictures and study more details, and Björns´ book :)

And then I took my harness, and went aloft to see more details :)

And I was so HAPPY to be up here 8-D

It was possible to relax also ... sometimes.

In the afternoon, the wind became stronger, and was expected to become wild. So we took in the topsails ...

16:00 - 20:00 midship´s watch: this time I was on the 4 special rotating posts:

  1. "Brandråd" = "Fire controller", the task is to look into EVERY room of the ship to see if something smells fire or else ... and report anything strange.
  2. "Utkik" = "Lookout", standing on the fore castle, to look for any onstacles on our course, or ships coming too near (yes we have radar, too:)
  3. "Roder 2" = "Helmsman 2", steering the rudder, helping Helmsman 1.
  4. "Roder 1" = "Helmsman 1", steering the rudder, following the orders of the mate.

You need to hold that helm, it must not slip your hands! The ship has no autopilot!

Later in the evening, we could see the classic Denish movie "SS Martha", a slapstick movie about an old rotten steamship and its crew :)

I did not see the whole movie, because under deck - no problems up on deck though -, a ship in a rough sea makes me almost seasick - that is: I get f*** tired ... so I went to sleep.