SOIC East-India-Man Replica Götheborg III

2009-06-15 Monday - First Sailsettings

2009, June 15th. Almost calm - very good to learn how to set sails :)

The Götheborg III left Marstrand in the morning. Wind was expected to come later, so we could start setting sails ... the lower sails had already been set and braced by the morning watch. I had free watch and was lucky to make these pictures ...

Commandos for setting the fore topsail:

  1. Go aloft to topsail yard, loose seizings!
  2. Loose bunt- and leechlines, and reef tackle!
  3. Man topsail braces and clewlines!
  4. Loose topsail clewlines! Haul topsail sheets! Fasten sheets!
  5. Man starboard topsail halyard! Haul up topsail! Ease the braces!
  6. Man port topsail halyard! Haul up topsail! Ease the braces!
  7. Fasten preventer halyard!
  8. Brace topsail!

Setting the main topsail: it is alike the fore topsail, so it has the same tasks to do.

16:00 midships watch begins: we continued to set sails - so I had to work, and could not take photos :)