My Models and How I made them ...

Revell - Frigate U.S.S. Constitution, 1:96 Scale

I only built the hull so far and then I stopped ... this is her how I left her in 2004, to do more research of her rigging. So, I only have a few impressions for You ...

The Hull

Some "forecasts" are possible, the parts are prepared:

You may of course ask, why did I stop and not just go on building, because still You have all parts ...

Well, besides the fact that - just as anybody else - this is only a hobby and I do not have much free time from working, the research puts on hold a decision: wether or not I DO have all parts I need, especially when it comes to the bitts and rails. The question is: are my parts sufficient, or do I "need" to construct some additional parts from scratch?

This is why there are still blank spaces on deck: I could not decide myself how to do it to my own satisfaction :)

... still in the making ... :)